Honor your Veteran within a Clarion County Building


The Clarion County Board of Commissioners and the county Office of Veterans Affairs have released guidelines for inclusion of veterans' photos in county buildings. 

The photos of the veteran to be included in the county's Wall of Fame must be printed and framed then dropped off at the Clarion County Veterans Affairs office at 330 Main Street, Clarion between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

A form including the name of the veteran, hometown, the veteran's dates of service and the branch of the military in which they served must be provided, along with a telephone number to contact if more information is needed. Forms are available at the Veteran's Affairs office or on the Clarion County website

The Walls of Fame will be located in public areas in various county buildings. The photos and frames become the property of Clarion County and WILL NOT be returned. Display of the photos is at the discretion of the board of commissioners. Photos may be rotated from building to building and/or placed in storage from time to time based on space availability.

The Clarion County Office of Veterans Affairs can be reached at 814-226-4000, extension 2601.


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