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About the County

Clarion County is a western Pennsylvania County situated on the Allegheny Plateau. The Allegheny River drains the western part of the county and also takes the waters of the Clarion River, which flow through it, from Jefferson County on the east.

Established on March 11, 1839 from parts of Venango and Armstrong Counties, Clarion County becomes the 54th county in the state to be formed. Clarion County is a 6th Class county with a population of approximately 39,000.

Clarion County produces a wide variety of manufactured goods including mobile homes, fiberboard and laminate flooring.

Clarion County is the home of Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

Land area consists of 601 square miles. Picturesque valleys carved from the mountains by the Allegheny and Clarion Rivers and their tributaries, which, along with the autumn foliage, attract visitors to Clarion County, enhance the county’s natural beauty. The rivers, along with Cook Forest State Park, are a great source of recreation in this area.

Clarion is known as the “Autumn Leaf Capital,” and the peaceful beauty of nature is part of the character of the county. Clarion County celebrates this beauty annually with a weeklong celebration in the fall. Along with increasing recognition and growth as a business and industrial center for the 21st Century, Clarion County offers the best of all worlds, that of natural beauty to industrial growth to higher education, making Clarion County a great place to visit and a better place to live.

Clarion County is also home to Foxburg Country Club. Located in Foxburg, Foxburg Country Club is the oldest golf course in continuous in the United States. To commemorate this historical location, the club holds an annual Hickory Championship where the players play with clubs and rules of pre-1900s golf. Clubs being used in the tournament must be made before 1900 or are certified replicas to pre-1900 standards. Other rules include not being allowed to use a tee and players must use sand to prop their ball up for their drives. In attempt to make it feel more authentic, many athletes will dress in outfits that would resemble those worn around 1900. Foxburg Country Club is also home to the American Golf Hall of Fame.

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