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Tax Claim

Judicial Sale Registration is now open until November 27, 2023 @ 4:30pm - (see below)

The Clarion County Tax Claim Bureau is responsible for the collection of all delinquent real estate taxes on behalf of the County, 34 Municipalities and 9 School Districts within Clarion County. The Bureau operates under the Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax Sale Law Act 542 Of 1947.

The Tax Claim Bureau provides statutorily mandated notices to owners and administers Upset Tax Sales, Judicial Sales, Repository of Unsold Properties and maintains Bankruptcy status. The Bureau also provides Tax Certifications regarding paid and unpaid taxes upon request.

All real estate taxes are considered delinquent if not paid by December 31st of the current year.  Any unpaid taxes are returned to the Tax Claim Bureau during the month of January.  Interest accrues at the rate of ¾ of 1% per month or 9% annum.  The Tax Claim Bureau conducts sales each year.  The Upset Tax Sale is held in September, a Judicial Sale every other year in December and Repository Sales can happen at any time throughout the year with the Bureau.  Sales are done to recoup lost tax dollars.  All records/files are public information.

Upset Tax Sales - Buyer is responsible for all mortgages, judgements & liens.  Do your homework!
Judicial Sales - The properties are sold free & clear of all mortgages, judgements & liens.
Repository Sales - The properties are sold free & clear of all mortgages, judgements & liens BUT because these properties have been on the sale list for a while, the bidder may be responsible for those mortgages, judgements & liens if they were recorded AFTER the date of the last Judicial Sale title search.

*** The Clarion County Tax Claim Bureau makes no representations or warranties on any properties sold during tax sales.  The Bureau also does NOT give legal advice concerning tax issues ***

Data Request Form for Everything in My Computer

Current List of Past Due Real Estate Taxes - This is everyone in my system at the present time!

Tax Collector Contact Information

Important Dates for 2023

  • January - Delinquent taxes are being turned in for the previous year, an additional $15.00 fee applied, per taxing body and a $10 archival and solicitor fee per parcel.
  • February - Reminder letters will be sent out during this month, an additional $2.00 fee applied, per property.
  • March - Return & Claim notices will be sent out during this month, an additional $16.00 fee applied, per property. If this notice goes unclaimed and is NOT picked up from the Post Office, your property will be posted in July.  An additional $75.00 fee will be applied, per property posted.
  • May - The office will no longer accept personal checks as payment after this month if you are on the sale list, meaning 2 years delinquent. Cash - Money Orders - Certified Checks only. Sale notices will be sent out this month, an additional $36.00 fee applied per person on the deed/title, per property.
  • June - Last business day of this month to have your balance paid in full before Sheriff Postings and Newspaper Publishing.
  • July - Sheriff Postings and Publishing in The Clarion News & The Leader Vindicator, an additional $300.00 fee applied, per property.
  • September - Tax Sale is on Monday the 18th at 10 AM at the Clarion County Complex, Learning Center (160 Amsler Ave, Shippenville, Pa 16254). Please fill out the required Registration Papers in person and submit them 10 days prior to the Sale date.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!  You will no longer be allowed to show up on the date of sale and bid.  The registration needs turned in by Friday, September 8th in order to bid.
  • November - Reminder letters will be sent out during this month, an additional $2.00 fee applied, per property.
  • December - I will have a Judicial Sale this year.  The Judge will set the date.  The date is normally set in December sometime.  As soon as the date is set, I will add it to this page down below.

                                                                               **Fees and dates are subject to change without notice**

                                                                            ***Please note, interest is applied the 1st of every month***

Contact Information

Tax Claims
Clarion County Courthouse
421 Main Street, Suite 21
Clarion, PA 16214
Telephone: (814) 226-4000
Fax: (814) 297-1395

Megan Kerr, Director - Ext. 2306

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Upset Tax Sale Information2 documents

  • Unsold Properties at Tax Sale
    document _recordid 1414
    These parcels will get added to the Judicial Sale of 2025
  • Properties Sold at Tax Sale
    document _recordid 1413

Judicial Sale Information2 documents

  • Registration for Judicial Sale 2023
    document _recordid 1429
    Last Date to Register is: Nov. 27, 2023 by 4:30PM
  • Judicial Sale List (Free & Clear)
    document _recordid 1084
    Sale Date:  December 5, 2023 at 10am in Courtroom #1

Repository Information2 documents

  • Bid Sheet for Repository of Unsold Property
    document _recordid 784
    You can bid at any time in person at the Tax Claim Bureau Office
  • Current Repository List 
    document _recordid 322
    Last updated on October 25, 2023

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