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Human Services/ MHDDEI

Clarion County Human Services provides programs and services pertaining to mental health, developmental disabilities, early intervention, crisis intervention and transportation. It also provides case management (ACM), Blended Case Management (ICM), supported housing case, and more.

The following is a brief description of the different positions fulfilling the different services.

Clarion County Human Services Plan 2020-2021

County Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Administrator

This individual, by regulation, is responsible to ensure that persons living with mental illness and developmental disabilities in the county have access to adequate therapeutic services, opportunities for treatment, and community-based supports to the extent that federal, state, and local funds permit. This person oversees the following staff.

Deputy Administrator for DD/EI

The Deputy Administrator for DD (Developmental Disabilities) and EI (Early Intervention) is responsible to oversee all aspects of the Developmental Disabilities waiver services, including qualifying and monitoring providers, authorizing use of base funding, and assisting with referrals for high acuity individuals. Early Intervention services are also overseen by this Deputy.

Clarion County Developmental Disabilities Waiver Coordinator

The Coordinator conducts intakes and assists the Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional in determining eligibility for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and Developmental Disabilities. S/he oversees enrollment of individuals in the waiver programs, and assists Supports Coordination Units with administrative level concerns.

Developmental Disabilities Risk Mgmt./Quality Assurance

This position is responsible for ongoing monitoring of risk to individuals, assisting providers in developing risk plans and monitoring for quality of service, and in general, ensuring overall health and safety in services for persons with Developmental Disabilities and Autism.

Early Intervention Coordinator

The Early Intervention Coordinator is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Early Intervention program in the county. This includes reporting to the Office of Child Development and Early Learning, monitoring providers and service coordinators, reviewing the Individual Family Support Plan and insuring that its implementation meets regulatory standards and the needs of the child/family.

MH/DD/Transportation Administration Officer

This dual-function administrator provides oversight of Clarion County’s Shared Ride, Persons with Disabilities and Medical Assistance Transportation Programs including writing grants, purchasing vehicles, and completing state reports. In addition, this officer processes all administration invoices for payment and maintains MH (Mental Health), DD, EI, and Transportation contracts as well as timesheets, leave requests, and employee leave time records for the administrative staff.

Mental Health Deputy Administrator

This Deputy Administrator oversees providers of Mental Health services, monitors them for compliance with regulations, and in general supports the provider community. The Deputy Administrator also provides authorization for county-funded services for individuals who are eligible.

Children’s Resource Coordinator

Also known as the CASSP Coordinator, this administrative position ensures that children and adolescents have an adequate support team to assist in determining level of care, connecting with an appropriate provider, and obtaining authorization through Medicaid for funding.

Administrative Support

The Admin Support ensures the Clarion County MH programs operate in compliance with state regulations and county policy, reconciles invoices for county funded services against authorizations and services notes, and assists staff in problem-solving complex cases.?

Contact Information

Human Services
Clarion County Human Services Building
214 South 7th Avenue
Clarion, PA 16214
Telephone: (814) 226-6252
Fax: (814) 226-5430

Sandy Ion, Fiscal Officer Ext. 1328

Jennifer Krouse, Program Specialist Ext. 1308

Mental Health / Developmental Disabilities / Early Intervention

Clarion County Human Services Building
214 South 7th Avenue
Clarion, PA 16214
Telephone: (814) 226-1080
Fax: (814) 226-1085

Marci Hall, MH/DD/EI Director Ext. 1353

Wendy Bundy, DD Deputy Director Ext. 1352

Tricia Pezzuti, MH Deputy Director Ext. 1350

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