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Open Records

Right-to-Know Law

Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law, passed in 2008, provides access to public records in accordance with the act. Some fees may be established based on how information is presented to the requestor.

Examples of permitted information include:

  • 9-1-1 time response logs
  • Grant applications
  • Contracts involving government agencies
  • Settlement agreements
  • Agency decisions
  • Name, title, and salary of public employees and officials

Some information is not available through an Open Records request such as:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Employee numbers
  • Home, cellular or personal phone numbers
  • Personal financial information
  • Spouses name, marital status, beneficiary or dependent information
  • Home addresses of law enforcement and judges
  • Identity of confidential informants
  • Records that identify social service recipients, including welfare recipients
  • A minor’s name, home address, date of birth
  • Constituent requests to a member of the House or Senate
  • Library circulation cards
  • Pre-decisional deliberations
  • Vital statistic records, birth records and adoption records

If you need assistance filing a Request Form, visit the Office of Open Records How to File  page.

Once a request is filed, the agency must respond within five (5) business days. From there the agency will either grant, deny or partially deny the request. If the agency does not respond within a timely manner, the request is deemed denied. The agency can also invoke extension of up to 30 calendar days. If a request is granted, denied or an extension is invoked, the requestor can appeal to the Office of Open Records regarding completeness of response and/or any fees imposed; all appeals must be filed within 15 business days.

For more questions on filing a request for Clarion County information, contact the Clarion County Open Records Office, Shelly Parkes.

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