Veterans Affairs

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Veterans Affairs

The Veterans Affairs Department assists veterans and their families to obtain some of the benefits they may be eligible for.


  • Compensation
  • Pension
  • DIC
  • Federal burial
  • Government issued headstones and markers
  • Education benefits
  • Obtaining discharges and military service records
  • Applying for VA healthcare
  • VA home loans

Compensation is for conditions that were either caused by or aggravated by military services.

The pension program is a needs based program and is based on income. This program requires wartime service.

If you are filing for pension, here is a list of things you will need:

  • Social Security Statement
  • Statement for any other income
  • Medicare Premium (will be on the SS statement)
  • Private medical insurance cost
  • Prescription Co-pay cost Drug Store
  • Boost or Ensure cost
  • Depends cost
  • Checking Savings account balances
  • Bank CD amounts
  • Stocks bonds or mutual funds
  • Property other than her home
  • Marriage license for veteran filing on
  • Death certificate for deceased husband
  • Voided Check for direct deposit
  • Letter from Home with cost of care
  • POA if veteran or spouse needs fiduciary
  • IF AT HOME CAREGIVERS – CAREGIVER FORM OR VA FOR 21- 0779 (Filled out by the Home)


include filing for veteran’s temporary assistance which is an emergency assistance program for wartime era veterans. Assistance is also provided for filing for property tax exemptions and for veteran’s family assistance.

  • V.T.A. (Veterans Temporary Assistance)
  • State Veterans Home Assistance - 6 in the State of Pennsylvania (veterans and or their widows may reside in a State run veterans home.
  • Blind Veterans pension
  • Paralyzed Veterans Pension (includes amputees)
  • Military Family Relief Assistance
  • Real Estate Tax Exemption (Veteran must 100% disabled)


Burial benefits: $100.00 for veterans - $75.00 for widows
(These benefits are only paid for wartime service veterans or their widows.)

Headstone benefit: $100.00 - toward

  • A private headstone purchase (wartime service veterans or their widows.)
  • Or the setting of the FREE Government headstone. (All veterans)

$50.00 - Cutting of the death date on the veteran’s private headstone (wartime service veterans only)


The department assist in making arrangements for veterans’ remains to be interred if there is no family.


The office maintains veterans’ burial records for the County and State.


The office obtains and distributes grave flags and flag holders for veteran graves within the County, for Memorial Day each year.

Contact Information

Veterans Affairs
Administrative Bldg, Room 108
330 Main Street
Clarion, PA 16214
Telephone: (814) 226-4000
Fax: (814) 226-4906

Director Rodney Sherman
Ext. 2601

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