Clarion County Building Catches on Fire


On the evening of September 5, 2019 the Probation and District Court 18-3-01 Building at 22 North 6th Avenue, Clarion was damaged by fire. That damage was sufficient to require immediate restoration and repair work. The reason the need for that work was immediate was to protect the property from further exposure and damage, to remove dangerous conditions created by the fire, including exposed electrical wires, and to return the building to serviceable condition.

Clarion County contracted with Service Master by Bell provider immediately to perform this vital work. Details of the repair work follow:

Cost is unknown at this time until all repairs, renovations, and clean up can be done. Costs will be covered under insurance.

Date: September 10, 2019
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The North 6th Avenue Complex is home to Clarion County’s Probation Office and District Court 18-3-01 Judge Duane Quinn’s Office. Once the report was made to Clarion County 9-1-1, volunteer firefighters from Clarion Fire & Hose Co. 1 and Limestone Volunteer Fire Department arrived on scene quickly to take control of the situation. Clarion Hospital’s EMS, Clarion Borough Police and Clarion University Public Safety also facilitated services during the incident. The fire started within the front entrance and was able to be controlled before it spread past the lobby. There were no reported injuries during the incident. West Penn Power was on scene to tend to the downed power line. It is presumed the fire started within the smoking receptacle but the County has not received and official report from Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshall.

During the renovation process, Probation and District Court’s services and appointments will be relocated. Until at least September 13, Probation will be operating out of the second floor of the Clarion County Courthouse, located at 421 Main Street, Clarion. District Court for Judge Duane Quinn will be transferred to District Court 18-3-02, at the office of Judge Timothy Schill. All phone calls made to the two offices will be automatically routed to the appropriate office. If you have further questions, contact Judge Duane Quinn’s office at (814) 226-9355. For Adult Probation, call (814) 226-6020 and for Juvenile Probation, call (814) 226-4743.

Clarion County will update this announcement as more information is provided.

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