Offices and Departments

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Note: All phone numbers are in area code 814 unless otherwise indicated
Note: All addresses are Clarion, PA 16214 unless otherwise indicated

A - C  
Adult Probation
Jayne Smail
500 Main Street
t) 814-226-6020
f) 814-226-6027

Scott Sheffer
395 Airport Road
Shippenville, PA 16254
t) 814-226-9993
f) 814-226-4490

Courthouse 421 Main Street
1st Floor Ste 20
t) 814-226-4000 | x2301
f) 814-226-4197
Lesley Lander x2300
Cheryl Anthony x2301
Roxie Randolph x2307
Emily Weiser  x2303
Carol Schettler  X2304  
Joe Buzard X2305

Courthouse 421 Main Street
3rd floor Ste 39
t) 814-226-4000 x2710
Sue Leonard
Ted Minich
Pam Zahoran

Central Accounting
Administrative Bldg
330 Main Street Room 217
t) 814-226-4000
f) 814-226-8065
Donna Reinsel x2850

Stephanie Renninger x2854
Cindy Fleming x2855
Erin Burns x2851

Chief Clerk/County Administration
Administrative Bldg
330 Main St. Room 203
Carol Clinger 814-226-4000 x2704

Children and Youth
214 S. 7th Ave. Suite B
Kay Rupert
t) 814-226-9280
f) 814-226-5430
Toll Free 800-577-9280

Clarion County Corrections
309 Amsler Drive Ste. 2
Shippenville, PA 16254
Jeff Hornberger, Warden
Don Owens, Deputy Warden
t) 814-226-9615
f) 814-226-1152

Administrative Bldg Room 203
330 Main Street Clarion, PA 16214 
t) 814-226-4000
f) 814-297-7806
Ted Tharan x2002
Wayne Brosius x2003
Ed Heasley x2001

Communications Center (911)
421 Madison Road - Clarion
Ron Wolbert
Dan McDonald

Terry Shaffer
267 Cottage Hill Rd.
New Bethlehem, PA 16242
t) 814-275-1773

County Park
41 Clarion County Park
Shippenville, PA 16254
t) 814-226-4000 X2854
Email: Clarion County Park

County Solicitor
William H. White III
Butler, PA

Courthouse 421 Main Street
2nd floor Ste 34
t) 814-226-9351
f) 814-226-1097
Judge James Arner
Valerie Dame x2111
Marsha Adams x2103
Law Clerk x2106

Court Administration
Courthouse 421 Main Street
2nd floor Ste34
Tammy Slike
t) 814.226.4000 x2110
Tami Kline x2102
Bo McCleary x2105






D - H  

Deputy Chief Clerk
Administrative Bldg
330 Main Street Room 8
Arloue Galan x2004

District Attorney
Mark Aaron, DA
502 Liberty Street
t) 814-226-4423
f) 814-226-0768
Prosecution Liaison: 814-226-5759
Victim Witness Program: 814-226-5765

District Magistrates
Duane Quinn DJ 18-3-01
14 Grant St, Clarion
t) 814-226-9355
f) 814-226-9827

Timothy Schill DJ 18-3-02
218 Amsler Drive 
Shippenville PA 16254
t) 814-226-5170
f) 814-226-9464

Amy Turk DJ 18-3-03
Mendenhall Ave. 
Knox PA 16232
t) 814-797-5934
f) 814-797-2197

Jeff Miller DJ 18-3-04
237 Broad St 
New Bethlehem PA 16242
t) 814-275-2322
f) 814-275-2843

Domestic Relations
Rona Shumaker
17 S 4th Avenue
t) 814-226-1030/226-1033
f) 814-226-1034

Clarion County Economic
Development Corporation

330 North Point Drive, Suite 212
Clarion PA 16214
Jamie S Lefever

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Administrative Bldg
330 Main Street Room 104
Cindy Callihan x2006

Administrative Bldg
330 Main Street Room 010
Cherin Abdelsamie x2302
Lauren Elder x2315

Human Resources
Administrative Bldg
330 Main Street Room 111
t) 814-226-4000
f) 814-226-7540
Trisha Douglas x2707
Eileen Theiss X2700 

Human Services
214 S. 7th Ave.
Jennifer Haight 
t)814-226-6252 x596
f) 814-226-5430

I - R  

Information Technology
Courthouse 421 Main Street 
Basement Ste 35
t) 814-226-4000
Chad Johnston x2808
Brady Ion x2706

Maintenance/Building & Grounds
Courthouse 421 Main Street
Bob Smith
t) 814-226-4000 x2806

Human Services Buildings
214 South 7th Ave
Fred Workman
t)814-226-6252 x607

Juvenile Probation
Jayne Smail
500 Main Street
t) 814-226-4743
f) 814-226-6027

Mental Health Mental Retardation
214 S 7th Avenue
t) 814-226-1080/226-5831
f) 814-226-1085

MH/MR/EI Administrator
Nancy Jeannerat x576

Administrative Officer 1
Mary Lutz x540

MH Program Specialist 1
Lori Switzer x577

MH Program Specialist 2
Ashley Benson  x563

MR/EI Program Specialist 2
Barb Cherico (MR) x533

MR Waiver Coordinator
MR Program Specialist 1
Terese Biertempfel x547

Open Records Office
Judy Zerbe 
Administrative Bldg.
330 Main St. Room 109
814.226.4000 x2601
Asst Open Records Officer
Arloue Galan
814.226.4000 x2004
f) 814.226.4906

Emergency Management
421 Madison Rd.
t) 814-226-6631
f) 814-226-4294
Randy Stahlman
David Dunn
William Logue
Betty Isler
OES Website

Administrative Bldg
330 Main Street Room 12|
t) 814-226-4000
f) 814-226-5275
Kristi Ditz x2800
Steve Ketner x2802
Kevin Reichard x2803

Courthouse 421 Main Street
1st floor Ste25
t) 814-226-4000
Direct line:
Jeffrey Himes x2402
Alexandra Craig x2401
Tammy Martin x2403
Dawn Buzard x2400

Public Defender
16 Grant Street
Erich R. Spessard, Esquire
Donna Gallagher
Jacqueline J.Mizerock
t) 814-226-7380
f) 814-226-7698

Register Recorder (Click for Services List)
Courthouse 421 Main Street
1st floor Ste24
t) 814-226-4000
f) 814-226-1117
Greg Mortimer x2500
Pam Runyan x2501
Melissa Nale x2502
Abstractors Room x2503

S - Z  
Courthouse 421 Main Street, Suite 11
Rex Munsee, Sheriff
Direct Line 814-226-7611
t) 814-226-4000
f) 814-226-9824
Rex Munsee x2900
Keith Troesch x2908
Dee Canavan x2931
Darlene Wolbert x2900
Dee Reed x2932
Doug Slagle x2906
Justin Swartzfager x2911
Curt Marino x2905
Security Station x2313

Tax Claim
Administrative Bldg
330 Main Street Room 101
Clarion, PA
t) 814-226-4000
Megan Kerr x2306

Administrative Bldg
330 Main Street Room 110
Clarion, PA
t) 814-226-4000
Thomas McConnell x2861
Karyn Montana x2860
Direct Line: 814-226-1113

Veteran's Affairs
Administrative Bldg
330 Main Street Room 108
Clarion, PA
t) 814-226-4000
Judy Zerbe x2601

Voter Registration (Click for Services List)
Administrative Bldg
330 Main Street Room 103
Clarion, PA
t) 814-226-4000
Sally Moore x2205