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Lost Pets

Found a dog?

If you found someone’s dog, check for a license on the dog’s collar and call the Treasurer’s office at (814) 226-1113 to report you have found the dog. The tag will have a 1 to 4 digit number listed on it or if it is a Lifetime License, it will be stainless steel and have a six (6) digit number on it (beginning with 16). By reporting this number to the Treasurer’s Office, you will be provided you with the owner’s contact information so the dog can be reunited with its family.


Lost a pet?

If your dog or cat is missing, you can submit a photo and information about your pet to have him/her listed on the Clarion County website. Your pet’s listing will be posted for three (3) months before it is removed.

The Lost Pets page is to be used as a search tool to help lost dogs and cats become reunited with their families. Clarion County does not hold responsibility if the pet is not found or if something happens to your pet in the meantime.

To add your pet to the list, please email the following information to Clarion County Lost Pets:

  • Attach a Photo of your pet
  • Type of Pet
  • Pet's Name
  • Brief description of your pet or important details (i.e. colors/markings; breed; deaf/blind; not approachable, etc.)
  • When did your pet go missing?
  • Where was your pet last seen?
  • Your Name (optional)
  • Phone Number where you can be reached

Please note that by submitting your information, you are publicly listing personal information. Do not include any information you don’t want listed; this includes anybody that may be in the photograph of your pet.


If you submit your pet and your pet is found, please email the following information to Lost Pet Found to have the listing removed:

  • Pet's Name
  • Date your pet was found

 Have you seen this dog?


 Have you seen this cat?