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 Divorce Information & Resources


Where to File

​If you wish to file a Complaint in Divorce in Clarion County, you will file it at the Office of the Prothonotary, located in the Clarion County Court House at 421 Main Street, Clarion, Pennsylvania 16214.

The Prothonotary is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. except for legal holidays. The holiday schedule can be found in the Events calendar. If you are coming to file something please arrive no later than 4:00 p.m.


At the time you file your divorce complaint, please be prepared to pay the filing fee. Cash or money order are the preferred methods of payment. Filing fee information can be found on the Prothonotary's Fee Schedule.

Number of Copies

You will need to file only the original of the Complaint in Divorce. However, you should have no fewer than three photocopies with you as you will wish to keep one for your records and it will be your responsibility to serve the defendant in the action and you may need two copies for your service. You may ask the Prothonotary to click in the copies so that you have a record of when the original document was filed. Please have your copies already made as the Prothonotary's Office does not provide copies.

Once service has been made, you must file proof of that by filing a Certificate of Service with the Prothonotary. Certificates of Service that you may use can be found on this website.

General Information

If you intend to represent yourself in your divorce action, you will need to familiarize yourself with the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure regarding actions in divorce, Rule 1920.1 through Rule 1920.92. You can also find useful information including family law forms and plain language instructions at the website of Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System. Neither the Prothonotary and staff nor court staff can give you legal advice.

Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure 1930.4, Service of Original Process in Domestic Relations Matters, is of great importance as it will be your responsibility to make service on the Defendant in the divorce action. Please read it carefully and follow the directives set forth.


 Websites of Interest to the Self Represented Litigant in a Divorce Action



This is the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania website. This link will take you to the information for those considering representing themselves in divorce actions. A great deal of information, plus links to County websites and many forms are available here.


This site has information on civil legal issues, including divorce.


This site has the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes (laws).


From here you can access the Pennsylvania Rules of Court, find links to County Courts and many other sites of importance.


Here you can find Local Rules of Court, as well as other information that you will need to represent yourself.


This is the Clarion County Prothonotary's fee schedule. Here you will find filing fee information.


 Blank Documents for Use by the Self Represented Litigant


 Contact Information